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The magazine about a first-class lifestyle and travel is published in four languages (Czech, English, German and Russian). It is the only and unique four-language magazine in the Czech Republic focusing not only on travel and related pleasures.

Focus and target group

The elite magazine for secured and business clients, who like to enjoy the pleasure of traveling, is looking for quality hotels, restaurants, prestigious lifestyle brands, cars, golf, boats, jewelry, nice living, experiences and their life style is active. Travel Fever magazine is published twice a year at the beginning of June and at the end of November.

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On The Red Carpet

  • Pharmacies at the Crossroads

    The year of COVID-19 has changed a lot in our lives, including, among others, also the long-term mistrust of buying drugs online. Shopping online has become a necessity, especially during long periods of limited contacts and emergency measures. “Customers and our investments have changed and we have as well,” concludes PharmDr. Vladimir Finsterle, MBA., founder of the first and largest Czech online pharmacy.

  • Bryan Adams and Kaldewei

    Legendary musician Bryan Adams, in collaboration with the renowned Kaldewei brand, created the Natural Union project, which is a celebration of close relationships, as well as a reminder of the importance of following hygienic measures. A collection of wonderfully intimate photographs was created, presenting the new enamel washbasins by Kaldewei for the year 2021.

  • Clients Win Together With Us

    can sometimes be a very demanding battle. How delightful it is finally to celebrate victory! However, if the right expert is involved, there is a much easier pathway to victory. One of the most experienced of these is Marek Frnda, Project Director of Victory Reality, which recently expanded its activities from Slovakia to the Czech Republic.

  • Giorgio Moroder - Oscar winning Magician from South Tyrol

    When on your travels you hear hits on the radio from movies like Flashdance, The NeverEnding Story or Midnight Express, did you know that they were born in the mind of one of the most famous Alpine natives?

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