• GEMINI WINGS announces innovative solution to optimize private aircraft usage GEMINI WINGS announces innovative solution to optimize private aircraft usage
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    GEMINI WINGS announces innovative solution to optimize private aircraft usage

    Owning a private aircraft is the ultimate status symbol for the high-net-worth individuals and also a perfect tool to solve business travel needs for corporate clients. They open up the glamorous side of air travel – but all of this comes at a high cost. For owners whose aircraft spend more time in the hangar than in the air, it has been difficult to monetize their asset – until today. Gemini Wings, an innovative aviation startup initiated by Charter advisory team based in Prague, has formed an international alliance fleet comprised of private aircraft from small European operators and individuals. Gemini Wings acts as the sales agent, chartering flights, while the owners simply lease their aircraft.

    13. 10.2021

  • Sleep is a Cure Sleep is a Cure
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    Sleep is a Cure

    The faster the pace of the present times, the more there is talk of the need for rest and especially of the important role of sleep. Choosing a suitable bed can also contribute. But until you sleep in a good bed, you will probably have a hard time differentiating the good from the bad. This also happened to Pavlína Rosendahl, the owner of Nata Nata, a shop which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

    04. 10.2021

  • A Heart for Agent 007 A Heart for Agent 007
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    A Heart for Agent 007

    James Bond returns to the cinemas with great glory. His charisma presents viewers with a new adventure and, of course, a new Bond girl. It was her nature which provided a great inspiration for the innovative luxury watch and jewellery brand of Chopard – a happy, golden heart.

    29. 09.2021

  • Mayfair Park Residences London Mayfair Park Residences London
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    Mayfair Park Residences London

    If you are one of those people who appreciates the beauty of uniqueness in life, then do not miss the invitation to this magnificent set of residences, which enrich the Dorchester Collection of exclusive hotels and residences. The name Mayfair Park Residences clearly refers to the uniqueness of these newly added properties. This is also emphasised by the distinctive address in Mayfair – one of the most famous and exclusive of London areas, filled with museums and galleries.

    24. 08.2021

  • A Great Experience A Great Experience
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    A Great Experience

    The beautiful Alpine landscape and perfect location of the South Tyrolean town of Ortisei are, at first glance, the two main advantages of 5-star Montchalet Hotel. The Hotel has the appearance of an exclusive private cottage and the possibilities presented by a stay here are just as captivating.

    11. 08.2021

  • The Pearl of Italian Hotellery The Pearl of Italian Hotellery
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    The Pearl of Italian Hotellery

    The Milanese Hotel Principe di Savoia, which is part of the Dorchester Collection, boasts the world-famous Presidential Suite with its classic prestige and unrivalled class. The superlative suite includes among its past guests the most famous of international names, from Royals to stars of the movie and music industries: Queen Elizabeth II of England, George Clooney, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Allen, Madonna and Lady Gaga, to name but a few. Travel Fever magazine also ranks among the Hotel's guests.

    15. 06.2021

  • Distinctive Aurelio Apartment Distinctive Aurelio Apartment
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    Distinctive Aurelio Apartment

    Exclusive Facilities for Šumava Excursions There is always something still to be discovered in Šumava. One can have easy access to its natural beauty while enjoying the exclusive comfort of a modern, fully equipped mountain apartment. This is exactly what is to be found in Srní – Mechov, a short distance from the famous village of Srní.

    19. 05.2021

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