• Caring for a Sweet Legacy Caring for a Sweet Legacy
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    Caring for a Sweet Legacy

    Vienna – a lady embodying the charm of the Habsburg monarchy welcomes admirers to the city's beauties. Among those is the delicious sweet legacy – the Sachertorte. The creator of this unique cake was Franz Sacher, whose son built Hotel Sacher – a worthy temple for the sought-after delicacy. Franz Sacher would certainly be proud of his legacy today, because the kingdom of the Sacher family is being looked after by a very efficient and enterprising lady, Elisabeth Gürtler. She sensitively upholds the family legacy and the Sacher name, which has become a recognised brand of prestigious hotels. In addition to Vienna, a Sacher Hotel is also found in Salzburg and even as the attractive Sacher Alpine Resort in Seefeld.

    16. 03.2023

  • A Chair to Keep You Warm in a Healthy Way A Chair to Keep You Warm in a Healthy Way
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    A Chair to Keep You Warm in a Healthy Way

    Sitting comfortably in a chair and just relaxing. A great idea! But what if we supplemented it with pampering care for our own health? This is indeed possible, due to infrared lighting. The advantages of an infrared cabin and a comfortable chair are combined in the new Ergo Relax Lounge from the Austrian company of Physiotherm.

    13. 03.2023

  • A Perfect Place A Perfect Place
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    A Perfect Place

    When heading south from Innsbruck, Austria, towards Bolzano, Italy, one can return to the 15th century. The village of Villanders and especially Ansitz Steinbock Hotel transport visitors right back in history. The lofty stone building of this residence, which could be called “At Capricorn”, offers friendly hospitality and magnificent accommodation.

    21. 12.2022

  • Kaldewei Transforms a Bathroom into a Spa Kaldewei Transforms a Bathroom into a Spa
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    Kaldewei Transforms a Bathroom into a Spa

    Enjoying an intense massage, gentle stroking of the skin or floating weightlessly in water in your own bathroom may no longer be an impossible dream. Kaldewei’s four new whirlpool systems now offer the perfect relaxation, also in terms of hygiene and sustainability. The Kaldewei whirlpool has its own automatic cleaning system integrated in a recyclable enamelled steel bathtub.

    02. 10.2022

  • Striding Towards Happiness Striding Towards Happiness
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    Striding Towards Happiness

    Milena Maksimović can sing the well-known musical hit “Shoes Against Love” to herself. In her life, the opposite is true of shoes. She fell in love with shoes and passes on her enthusiasm to customers of the three boutiques proudly named after the famous Baldinini footwear brand. She has been representing the Italian manufacturer for almost a quarter of a century and is constantly trying to enrich the business with interesting news.

    10. 09.2022

  • Golf on the Italian Riviera of Flowers Golf on the Italian Riviera of Flowers
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    Golf on the Italian Riviera of Flowers

    San Remo is probably the most famous city on the Riviera of Flowers, boasting a very mild climate and charming Italian atmosphere. Here we find the exclusive Royal San Remo Hotel. Empress Sissi, King Carl Gustav of Sweden and other members of royalty have stayed here, as well as 35 Nobel Prize winners, businessmen, show business celebrities, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion and Elton John, to superstars such as Roger Moore and Charlize Theron. The list is endless of all the celebrities who have stayed at the famous Royal San Remo Hotel on the Italian Riviera. Those who also wish to spend a few special days in Liguria this year, should definitely choose this renowned 5-star hotel.

    22. 08.2022

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