• The Face of Thor at Expo 2020 Dubai The Face of Thor at Expo 2020 Dubai
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    The Face of Thor at Expo 2020 Dubai

    In less than a month, the international Expo 2020 will open in Dubai, an event for which we had to wait one year due to the coronavirus epidemic. But as Emirates’ new global campaign suggests, this event of the year will more than make up for it.

    14. 09.2021

  • Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně
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    Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně

    After 15 years of successful operations, the hotel has undergone extensive renovations this year. All rooms are furnished in a modern, elegant style. Some bedrooms include a terrace, where guests can enjoy morning coffee on a sun lounger overlooking the hotel garden. Family suites with two separate bedrooms and two separate bathrooms have been newly refurnished. Not only due to these changes, is Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně now included in the Premium Collection chain, an exclusive group of 10 selected hotels, stars of the 30-member Falkensteiner Hotel family.

    10. 09.2021

  • Grandma’s Theatre of Tastes Grandma’s Theatre of Tastes
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    Grandma’s Theatre of Tastes

    The summer open-air theatre tradition has already been firmly established in our country. To see a performance on such a stage, one may also visit Průhonice. However, instead of dramatic characters, the stars of local and foreign cuisine await you. BABIČČINA ZAHRADA restaurant has organised a summer festival of tastes for guests.

    04. 09.2021

  • Premium Gastro Premium Gastro
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    Premium Gastro

    Petr Svejkovský is often called the Saviour of Czech Gastronomy. However, restaurants will face a really difficult test in the near future, as now anyone can buy unique items for their kitchens and dining rooms. Luxury, design, durability and strength – all these are to be found in the e-shop of After an arranged visit, the Premium Gastro showroom in Prague-Uhříněves can also be visited in person.

    19. 08.2021

  • Ondřej Spodniak Chairman of the Board of Directors of Premiot Group, a.s. Ondřej Spodniak Chairman of the Board of Directors of Premiot Group, a.s.
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    Ondřej Spodniak Chairman of the Board of Directors of Premiot Group, a.s.

    He founded the Premiot Group investment company with his wife in 1999. Although the company has grown over the years, it still retains the spirit of a family business. Maybe this is due to the fact that Ondřej Spodniak is able to surround himself with innovative and inspiring colleagues, who live and breathe for the company. It is for this reason that he is happiest at work. In private, his main passions are his family and his musical hobbies. He plays the guitar and drums, while his favourite musical genre is Rock. However, in contrast to the uncertain fame of rock stars, he regards success as the ideas and works that will remain here long after us. His most distant business trip has been to Hong Kong.

    08. 08.2021

  • A Real Alpine Summer A Real Alpine Summer
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    A Real Alpine Summer

    Does anyone wonder if a summer holiday in the mountains can be as great as a holiday by the sea? It definitely can. Especially for those who can’t stand lying on a lounger from morning to evening and need a little excitement and something to do all the time. All this is offered by Zell am See.

    18. 07.2021

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