• I'll See What Else I Can Surprise You With! I'll See What Else I Can Surprise You With!
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    I'll See What Else I Can Surprise You With!

    Gordana Glass is a world-renowned artist, who became fascinated by working with glass. Her art objects are valued as precious gifts for important personalities. In addition, she also began to profile herself as an interior designer with unusual glass objects of large dimensions. On the occasion of the next event of our magazine's annual golf tournament – the 9th Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Golf Cup – for which Gordana once again created original trophies, we asked her for an interview.

    09. 09.2023

  • Giving a Piece of One's Energy to Each Restaurant Giving a Piece of One's Energy to Each Restaurant
    Česko Restaurant Prague People

    Giving a Piece of One's Energy to Each Restaurant

    Owning a famous restaurant in Prague is a big deal, due to the competition in the gastro scene in the city on the Vltava River. But when you have three such restaurants, the question arises as to how this is possible. We know how. Behind this success is Yuri Kolesnik, an unusually imaginative and hardworking man, who gave us an insight into the origin of all his unconventional enterprises.

    21. 08.2023

  • Developer with a Difference Developer with a Difference
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    Developer with a Difference

    Trigema is one of the most progressive development companies in the Czech Republic. Its projects increasingly combine construction with the aesthetic appearance of buildings. Marcel Soural, founder of the company, sole shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Trigema investment group, explained to us the philosophy of the company's approach to development.

    05. 08.2023

  • Modern Mayr Medicine and Therapy Modern Mayr Medicine and Therapy
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    Modern Mayr Medicine and Therapy

    To grow old healthily – that is the wish of us all. Therefore, we must realise that we ourselves are responsible for our health and that we can actively work on our own health and well-being. Medical wellness is one of the trends that is successfully finding its way into Austrian hotels. Many hotels have become genuine centres of health and well-being. Why not? After all, a holiday is the best opportunity to change your lifestyle and take care of your health.

    02. 08.2023

  • Alpine Kingdom Alpine Kingdom
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    Alpine Kingdom

    The Austrian Tyrol boasts amazing corners in the Alps. The Seefeld region – Tirols Hochplateau – is a totally unique high plateau. Guests can enjoy this tranquil, sunny location at an altitude of 1 200 metres above sea level in the 5-star Superior Alpin Resort Sacher wellness hotel. Yes, it's exactly that – Sacher – one of the three hotels of this name. Readers of our magazine can even enjoy one night FREE in this Resort!

    25. 07.2023

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