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    Paloma is a modern French restaurant connected to a stylish hotel and a fantastic bakery and confectionery in the centre of the village of Průhonice near Prague. At first glance, it is no surprise that the emphasis is on the high quality and freshness of the food – both Czech and French cuisine. The focus on detail and a vivid gastronomic experience is the work of Chef Alexia Falcone.

    15. 11.2023

  • Developer with a Difference Developer with a Difference
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    Developer with a Difference

    Trigema is one of the most progressive development companies in the Czech Republic. Its projects increasingly combine construction with the aesthetic appearance of buildings. Marcel Soural, founder of the company, sole shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Trigema investment group, explained to us the philosophy of the company's approach to development.

    10. 11.2023

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