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  • Living Life to the Full Living Life to the Full
    Home Česko People

    Living Life to the Full

    Making a drastic life change is a challenging task. But sometimes there’s no other option, especially when one longs for more fun and pleasure in life. Magda Pokorná, Mergers & Acquisition Expert for Crestyl, decided on precisely such a change. She threw Advocacy to the wind, took a holiday and then launched into a new field by joining the Crestyl Development Group in the position of Chief Corporate Officer. It was not easy, but she has no regrets, as she revels in new life experiences.

    17. 07.2022

  • Townhouses in Šárka - a New Stage of Life Townhouses in Šárka - a New Stage of Life
    Home Česko Luxury Prague

    Townhouses in Šárka - a New Stage of Life

    A place shining with new energy – thus could Šárecký dvůr be described. And yet it has in many ways remained loyal to the magic of a site whose history dates back centuries. The past mingles here with the present, while the future can also be shaped by the new owners of these townhouses, waiting to fulfil the vision of a happy home for their residents.

    20. 04.2022

  • Unique Living in the National Park Unique Living in the National Park
    Home Česko Šumava

    Unique Living in the National Park

    S being created right in the heart of Šumava. Its appearance will enhance the village of Prášily, providing future apartment owners with all the appropriate civic amenities and sporting activities, in addition to possible entrance to the Wellness Centre.

    28. 03.2022

  • A Complete District is being Created at Hagibor A Complete District is being Created at Hagibor
    Home Česko Prague

    A Complete District is being Created at Hagibor

    Many capital cities can envy Prague its surprising diversity. Just go from the National Museum along Vinohradská třída to Želivského Metro station and suddenly a view of the future opens up before you. On the border of Strašnice, this unique complex of greenery, residential, commercial and administrative buildings, called Hagibor, is being created.

    12. 01.2022

  • Victory Reality Promotes Art Victory Reality Promotes Art
    Home Česko Prague People

    Victory Reality Promotes Art

    The new real estate agency, which has quickly established itself in the Czech Republic after success in Slovakia, aims beyond the horizons of business success. At the end of September, it began another of its activities, symbolised by the purchase of a painting by the talented young painter, Tereza Jacob.

    15. 11.2021

  • Sleep is a Cure Sleep is a Cure
    Home Design Česko Luxury Furniture People

    Sleep is a Cure

    The faster the pace of the present times, the more there is talk of the need for rest and especially of the important role of sleep. Choosing a suitable bed can also contribute. But until you sleep in a good bed, you will probably have a hard time differentiating the good from the bad. This also happened to Pavlína Rosendahl, the owner of Nata Nata, a shop which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

    04. 10.2021

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