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Stylish lofts in the dominant suburb of Prague's Modřany
Stylish lofts in the dominant suburb of Prague's Modřany
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    Vanguard Stylish lofts in the dominant suburb of Prague's Modřany

    Lofts have been booming in recent years. Are you one of their lovers? Authentic loft living as well as original spaces for work await you in the former Microna factory, which is being transformed into the exceptional Vanguard project under the guidance of PSN. The project is slowly heading towards the final stages. When purchasing a shell & core loft type, one can take it over soon and start designing a dream home.

    02. 10.2023

  • Imaginative Revival of Palmovka Imaginative Revival of Palmovka
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    Imaginative Revival of Palmovka

    Prague is changing and new flats are being built on almost its entire territory. But some addresses are much more attractive than others. Such is the still developing area in Libeň known as Palmovka. Real-Treuhand company has bet on the original architectural design of the Aulík Fišer architekti studio, to offers apartments and commercial premises in the already approved Rezidence Zenklova.

    15. 09.2023

  • Stylish Revival of Podskalí – VYŠEHRADSKÁ 33 Stylish Revival of Podskalí – VYŠEHRADSKÁ 33
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    Stylish Revival of Podskalí – VYŠEHRADSKÁ 33

    The new Vyšehradská 33 development project in the very heart of Prague will offer future owners the total comfort of modern living. This renovated Classicist building with a sensitively integrated new construction in the courtyard will provide the unique advantages of living in the centre of a big city, with the added bonus of newly built premises, including parking, front gardens and balconies.

    15. 08.2023

  • Amazing Relaxation at Lake Fuschlsee Amazing Relaxation at Lake Fuschlsee
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    Amazing Relaxation at Lake Fuschlsee

    The Salzburg region attracts the whole world in summer, and this is no wonder. The capital city Salzburg, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has much to offer. The Summer Salzburg Festival – the most important theatre, opera and concert event in the world – is a gathering place for first-class artists.

    09. 08.2023

  • Developer with a Difference Developer with a Difference
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    Developer with a Difference

    Trigema is one of the most progressive development companies in the Czech Republic. Its projects increasingly combine construction with the aesthetic appearance of buildings. Marcel Soural, founder of the company, sole shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Trigema investment group, explained to us the philosophy of the company's approach to development.

    05. 08.2023

  • Viva Italia! Viva Italia!
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    Viva Italia!

    The famous Italian metropolis of Milan has many faces. Perhaps as many as the opinions about fashion with which the city is inextricably linked. It is changeable, full of colours and shades. And refinement, too. All this is offered by the prestigious Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan, which embodies everything fine to be savoured in the northern Italian city.

    15. 05.2023

  • A Perfect Place A Perfect Place
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    A Perfect Place

    When heading south from Innsbruck, Austria, towards Bolzano, Italy, one can return to the 15th century. The village of Villanders and especially Ansitz Steinbock Hotel transport visitors right back in history. The lofty stone building of this residence, which could be called “At Capricorn”, offers friendly hospitality and magnificent accommodation.

    03. 05.2023

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