• Viva Victoria! Viva Victoria!
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    Viva Victoria!

    For more than a quarter of a century, those interested in property have been finding their new home in Real-Treuhand Reality & Development projects. In addition to the quality of design, they appreciate the long-term value, selection of locations, slow aging and trouble-free maintenance of the property. Victoria Košíře residential complex – the new star on the development market – also boasts these advantages as it welcomes its first residents. Viva Victoria!

    05. 11.2020

  • Glass as a Window to the Soul Glass as a Window to the Soul
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    Glass as a Window to the Soul

    Gordana Turuk, the creator of the Gordana Glass brand, is an artist in body and soul. Her glass bowls, images and designer home furnishings are known all over the world. Many celebrities, such as Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth II, known for their refined taste, also fell in love with the beauty and uniqueness of her creations. The artist works in her studio in Bratislava, where she also exhibits her work. Her art can also be admired in the new Media Bohemia Sky Gallery in Prague, where she has relocated after a 4-year stint in Dušní Street.

    29. 10.2020

  • The Red Glow of Health The Red Glow of Health
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    The Red Glow of Health

    Modern times present many opportunities. Nevertheless, their enticement and fulfilment exhaust us and are sometimes downright stressful. Warmth/lack of warmth can influence our well-being. It sounds like the magic in the fairy tale about Princess Scooter, who managed to ride dressed/undressed. However, reality is already like that. In this sense, the effect of infrared light on our health is magical.

    25. 10.2020

  • Distinctive Aurelio Apartment Distinctive Aurelio Apartment
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    Distinctive Aurelio Apartment

    Exclusive Facilities for Šumava Excursions There is always something still to be discovered in Šumava. One can have easy access to its natural beauty while enjoying the exclusive comfort of a modern, fully equipped mountain apartment. This is exactly what is to be found in Srní – Mechov, a short distance from the famous village of Srní.

    11. 08.2020

  • NEUGRAF – Innovative Lifestyle in Smíchov NEUGRAF – Innovative Lifestyle in Smíchov
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    NEUGRAF – Innovative Lifestyle in Smíchov

    NEUGRAF, a new residential project, is being created in Smíchov, Prague, with two developer giants behind its implementation. Crestyl and UBM Development Czechia have jointly created this innovative residential option that combines city comfort with the tranquillity of Nature. The industrial appearance cleverly follows the history of the building, while the architectural solution of the entire project ensures quality comparable to the highest international standards. The 10-storey building is located in Grafická Street and offers 177 apartments in a closed and completely safe area. The multifunctionally designed space provides all the benefits of modern living under one roof – from non-stop reception, café, work hub and underground parking to a greenery-filled rooftop terrace, to which every NEUGRAF resident has access.

    04. 08.2020

  • Magical Living not only for Golf Lovers Magical Living not only for Golf Lovers
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    Magical Living not only for Golf Lovers

    The Green Village project is being created in the region of František Ferdinand d’Este, Josef Suk and Michal Viewegh. It will delight all those who wish to live in maximum privacy in the peaceful countryside and at the same time within a short distance of Prague. Real-Treuhand Reality & De-velopment company is building stand-alone as well as terraced houses of the highest possible standard at the 16th hole of the championship course of Konopiště Golf Resort (d'Este course), not far from Benešov and Bystřice.

    30. 07.2020

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