• Our Guesthouse is a Classic Family Business Our Guesthouse is a Classic Family Business
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    Our Guesthouse is a Classic Family Business

    The fact is that Petr Janda (77) has been a star and legend of the Czech music scene for almost 60 years, and hits by his band Olympic, such as Želva (Turtle), Dej mi víc své lásky (Give Me More of Your Love) and Dávno (It’s Been a Long Time) are certainly well known. But do you know that he is a smart hotelier? We went to find out how he combines music, family and business.

    26. 05.2021

  • Alpine Summer with Alpacas Alpine Summer with Alpacas
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    Alpine Summer with Alpacas

    The 5-star superior Hotel Aurelio Lech is diligently getting ready for the summer season, which will begin in the second half of June. It will be filled with unique experiences, including this year’s great innovation – meeting South American Alpacas.

    04. 05.2021

  • Victory Reality has the Recipe for Victory Victory Reality has the Recipe for Victory
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    Victory Reality has the Recipe for Victory

    Focusing on a certain area, exploring it and getting the most out of the know-how of the region for its clients is the main strategy of Victory Reality - a successful young real estate company. Investing, selling and buying real estate is handled ethically and with the experience of market experts.

    28. 04.2021

  • Family tradition Family tradition
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    Family tradition

    Hubert Schediwy & Son, a traditional family watchmaking and goldsmithing firm, has been representing, trading and servicing several watchmaking and jewellery manufactories on the Czech market for 30 years.

    14. 04.2021

  • Revolutionary Saliva Test Revolutionary Saliva Test
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    Revolutionary Saliva Test

    The Czech company Anygence is assisting in a solution for the testing of employees and individuals in the current crisis situation. It now presents a new application for testing in companies – with the utilisation of the revolutionary RT-PCR tests from saliva.

    28. 03.2021

  • Wine News Wine News
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    Wine News

    Just clink your glasses lightly and let the wine flavours play pleasantly on your palate. Wonderful enchantment! But in order really to sense the wine, it is best to listen to the advice of experts, for example, from the Víno pro vás online wine shop. This year, they again present a new wine selection from first-class wineries.

    17. 03.2021

  • Pharmacies at the Crossroads Pharmacies at the Crossroads
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    Pharmacies at the Crossroads

    The year of COVID-19 has changed a lot in our lives, including, among others, also the long-term mistrust of buying drugs online. Shopping online has become a necessity, especially during long periods of limited contacts and emergency measures. “Customers and our investments have changed and we have as well,” concludes PharmDr. Vladimir Finsterle, MBA., founder of the first and largest Czech online pharmacy.

    12. 03.2021

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