Gordana Glass® Island of Glass Treasures Gordana Glass® Island of Glass Treasures

Gordana Glass® Island of Glass Treasures

25. 02.2022

Every interior can be perceived as unique, especially when enhanced by the beauty of original artists’ works. Monumental glass works by world-renowned artist Gordana Glass® have been creating the atmosphere of luxurious interiors for more than twenty years. The artist’s special signature can be recognised at first glance. Her glass works are decorated with precious metals such as gold and platinum.

The extraordinary work of the artist creates an emotional mood and, at the same time a special message “at the request” of the customer, to be naturally incorporated into each space through unusual interior accessories, such as magnificent reflections of glass walls and doors, backlit glass images, and lavish sculptures. The viewer has the illusion of being on an exotic island imbued with beauty.

Glass and Soul

Gordana Glass® is dedicated to creating with her soul. Each of her chamber sculptures tell a different fascinating story in the glow of light. The aura of these glass gems enhances a feeling of peace and inspiration, evokes an extra-terrestrial atmosphere and provides an unusual viewpoint of the world and the treasures around us. Through her work, the artist appeals to audiences worldwide. She has exhibited in Italy, Croatia, the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as in Abu Dhabi, among others.

EXPO Dubai

Gordana represents Slovakia until March 2022 at the EXPO Dubai 2020 international exhibition with her New Spirit® collection. The main element of the collection is the linden leaf, which suggests the idea that a leaf itself does not create the beauty of a tree, and encourages humanity to form the luxuriant crowns of trees together. Through joint efforts, we can achieve extraordinary results, with limitless boundaries. The originality of the new collection also lies in the connection of the linden leaf with the precious wood from which the pedestals are made. The age of the wood is estimated at more than 4 000 years. It was lifted from a depth of 12 metres from a dry tributary of the Váh River in Slovakia. It is as if the earth has preserved this wood only to enable the connection of glass art with Nature in Slovakia.

The depth and quality of the artist’s work is perfectly reflected in her work for prominent figures. Gordana has been honoured to transform her art into the form of gifts to important personalities, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Benedict XVI, King Harold V of Norway, Prince Albert II, and many others.


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