Jewellery by BENY – Your Unique Story Jewellery by BENY – Your Unique Story

Jewellery by BENY – Your Unique Story

04. 08.2022

Every human life is filled with stories. Jewellery is a reminder of those particularly memorable stories. The new BENY jewellery campaign called “THIS MOMENT CREATES ANOTHER STORY” is based on the intuitive connection between human existence and jewellery.

ewellery is literally the embodiment of the memories of exceptional moments that are the beginning of extraordinary human stories. Whenever we look at it, a specific item of jewellery reminds us of a special time in our lives. For this reason, even emotions that we felt in the past are revived within us. From this point of view, items of jewellery associated with special events literally acquire incalculable value. Such events include engagements, wedding anniversaries, special family occasions, first communions, among others.

Just as original stories begin with extraordinary moments,  BENY jewellery is original. Its design and handmade production are based on specific human stories. It thus becomes a special reminder to the recipient, because behind such jewellery lies not only honest work, but also a piece of the heart.

The whole campaign was created to remind people of the moments of happiness that give pleasure. Arben Topalli, owner of the jewellery store who is involved in the production itself, told us how the campaign started: “The whole campaign was launched due to an idea that I had been playing with for several years. I don’t just want to create items of jewellery, I need to give them a backstory. My job does not just concern jewellery making. It is always connected with events of emotional value to me and then I put a piece of myself, my heart, into my creations. Emotions, stories and jewellery of love.”

The main actors in  “THIS MOMENT CREATES ANOTHER STORY” campaign are Radoslav Kováč and his wife, as well as Milan Baroš, Vladimír Šmicer and Tomáš Ujfaluši and his daughter. These famous personalities share a strong partnership, family relationship and friendship with their loved ones, and demonstrate this with an item of jewellery from BENY.

Nevertheless, one does not need to be a VIP for the jewellery received on a special occasion to remain within sight for a lifetime. It is associated with memories of love and devotion and can later be used to write a new chapter in the family history.


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