Ondřej Spodniak Chairman of the Board of Directors of Premiot Group, a.s. Ondřej Spodniak Chairman of the Board of Directors of Premiot Group, a.s.

Ondřej Spodniak Chairman of the Board of Directors of Premiot Group, a.s.

08. 08.2021

He founded the Premiot Group investment company with his wife in 1999. Although the company has grown over the years, it still retains the spirit of a family business. Maybe this is due to the fact that Ondřej Spodniak is able to surround himself with innovative and inspiring colleagues, who live and breathe for the company. It is for this reason that he is happiest at work. In private, his main passions are his family and his musical hobbies. He plays the guitar and drums, while his favourite musical genre is Rock. However, in contrast to the uncertain fame of rock stars, he regards success as the ideas and works that will remain here long after us. His most distant business trip has been to Hong Kong.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

The Golden Triangle Burma – Thailand – Laos in 2008, when my wife’s and my passports were taken from us in Burma and our visas to Thailand were revoked. In Burma, we learned that happiness is a state of mind. Although there was a war being waged against the drug Mafia, the people were grateful and happy, always smiling.

What are your travel essentials – both for business and leisure?

I travel quite light. But what I never forget to pack are running shoes.

What do you value most in your company?

At Premiot, we base our success on people, trust and longevity. We win by honour, not by deceit.

Your company is successful because ... we can say that Premiot is a successful company because our market share is growing, revenues are increasing and we are becoming more professional. What is not in motion does not grow or strengthen, but, in my opinion, gradually dies. Therefore, it is necessary to take a definite step every day to fulfil the aforementioned goals. We at Premiot are fully aware that it is merely the results which count.


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