Victory Reality has the Recipe for Victory Victory Reality has the Recipe for Victory

Victory Reality has the Recipe for Victory

28. 04.2021

Focusing on a certain area, exploring it and getting the most out of the know-how of the region for its clients is the main strategy of Victory Reality - a successful young real estate company. Investing, selling and buying real estate is handled ethically and with the experience of market experts.

It is precisely experience and thorough preparation which have motivated the founders of Victory Reality – Marek and Róbert Frnda – to develop their business in several markets. The company was firstly fully operational in Slovakia in 2018. In only two and a half years, it has implemented the rentals of real estate worth approximately EUR 500 000 per annum, and sold real estate worth a total of approximately EUR 15 000 000.

This foundation resulted in the expansion of the company’s scope. As Marek Frnda, CEO of Victory Reality, says: “I take the expansion into the Czech Republic as a natural development, especially when our projects began to grow here. In the near future, we plan to expand to Croatia, specialising in Dalmatia.”

Even so, he and his brother stick to the motto: less is more. Therefore, in the Czech Republic, their company now specialises primarily in the Central Bohemian  and Eastern Bohemian regions. The company is currently implementing projects in the Giant Mountains.

The basis of Victory Reality’s current success is expertise in the real estate market and legislative changes, continuous training of brokers completed by certification and an emphasis on the ethics of conduct based on the Code of Ethics and the Complaints Procedure. All this is carried out with the total concentration on clients’ needs. Clients may can use a full range of services and a range of methods, for example, of how effectively to present real estate for sale.

The headquarters of Victory Reality is located in Prague at 14/13 Kaprova Street. A branch of the company is also located in the centre of the capital, at 12/5 Eliška Krásnohorská Street.


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