We Fulfil Exclusive Travel Dreams We Fulfil Exclusive Travel Dreams

We Fulfil Exclusive Travel Dreams

07. 12.2023

The description of a holiday does not always have to be in the form of a catalogue tour. Often one longs for something out of the ordinary, for a tailor-made experience, for an adventure that will leave wonderful and unrepeatable memories. Exclusive Tours travel agency can fulfil just such wishes. Executive Director Dominik Kohel explained to us how this company pleasantly surprises its customers.

You are newly in the lead of the luxury travel segment, i.e. Exclusive Tours travel agency. What are your visions, where do you want to take the company?

At Exclusive Tours, we aim to be a leader in the luxury travel segment, but, above all, an innovator to define future trends in the field of exclusive travel. We aim to provide experiences that go beyond ordinary travel, through innovative, tailor-made services. We want every Exclusive Tours client to experience something unique that cannot be found in regular travel catalogues, for example, from driving an F1 single-seater around a Grand Prix circuit, or golfing experiences on the most exclusive private courses in the world, to a private tour of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, where works of art can be appreciated without crowds and distractions. In addition, of course, we also have a team of eight travel designers who travel around the world, searching for the finest resorts where reality surpasses fantasy.

 How do you choose travel designers?

In selecting them, we look for individuals with a deep understanding of the luxury travel industry. They should have creativity and the ability to adapt to the individual needs and wishes of our clients. In addition, we value excellent language skills and an understanding of different cultures. It is also important that they are able to orient themselves well and have excellent organisational skills.

What can we imagine as an original holiday from Exclusive Tours?

We specialise in creating memorable travel experiences. For example, these may take the form of staying overnight in a luxury camp in the heart of the Dubai desert, where clients will be enchanted by the star-filled desert sky, or discovering the hidden treasures of Patagonia, where unspoilt Nature blends with endless adventure. For those who seek something truly exceptional, we offer a trip around the world by private plane, filled with luxury, comfort and unforgettable times.

In addition, we also offer exclusive stays in Africa on safari, where clients can observe wildlife in its purest form, either coming face to face with majestic lions or watching the migration of huge herds of wildebeest. For lovers of Nature and adventure, we also offer the incomparable opportunity of observing gorillas in their natural habitat in the rainforests of Rwanda or Uganda. These are the encounters that deeply touch the heart of every traveller.

Each of our itineraries is carefully compiled by our travel designers to perfectly suit the individual wishes and needs of our clients. At Exclusive Tours, we always strive to exceed expectations by providing a holiday that, as well as being luxurious, is also filled with distinctive experiences, be it a romantic escape, a family holiday or a solo adventure. Our trips are not just about visiting places, but about creating cherished memories that will last our clients a lifetime.

What are your clients' requirements?

These often focus on privacy, exclusivity and personalisation of stays and trips. Our clients appreciate that we can offer them resorts and destinations where undisturbed holidays can be enjoyed in privacy and peace. For example, when choosing resorts, we make sure that they provide an adequate level of privacy, either in a private villa on a secluded beach, or in unusual accommodation in the heart of pristine Nature.

Private flights are another key feature highly valued by our clients. We offer a wide range of options, from light jets for shorter European trips to ultra-luxury heavy jets for long intercontinental flights. These flights ensure comfort and luxury, as well as allowing clients to travel according to their own schedule and without unnecessary delays.

In the field of safari experiences, we strive to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to experience a truly authentic and private adventure. This means organising safaris in less frequented areas or in private reserves, where clients observe wildlife without crowds of tourists, surrounded only by Nature.

In addition, we focus on providing exceptional, tailor-made itineraries according to the individual wishes of our clients. These can include anything from private dinners in exclusive locations, or one-on-one meetings with experts and local personalities, to organising special events and activities, such as private tours of museums and cultural sites or cooking with top chefs.

 What is your own dream holiday? 

The start would be in Barcelona, to fulfil my dream of trying to drive a single-seater Formula 1 car around the circuit. The sensation of speed and adrenaline would be extraordinary, especially with the roar of the V10 behind me. I would then move on to Botswana to enjoy a private safari.

After that, I would fly to the United States, to partake in a golfing experience at Augusta National, one of the most famous courses in the world. Golfing at Augusta is every golfer’s dream and I would relish every stroke at this legendary venue.

Finally, I would go to Argentina, from where the Antarctica expedition would start. Being surrounded by glaciers, penguins and the endless white landscape would be an amazing finale to my holiday.

But this is a rather demanding itinerary...

Yes, but that is the magic of Exclusive Tours! We have the capabilities and resources to arrange such a holiday within one itinerary, all in complete comfort and luxury. Our travel agency specialises in creating tailor-made experiences to fulfil even the wildest dreams of our clients.

However, now I am getting ready for another holiday –  to Mauritius. There I will visit several hotels, such as Lux Grand Baie and One and Only Le Saint Geran. And I am really looking forward to that too.


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