Sleep is a Cure Sleep is a Cure

Sleep is a Cure

04. 10.2021

The faster the pace of the present times, the more there is talk of the need for rest and especially of the important role of sleep. Choosing a suitable bed can also contribute. But until you sleep in a good bed, you will probably have a hard time differentiating the good from the bad. This also happened to Pavlína Rosendahl, the owner of Nata Nata, a shop which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Businesswoman due to Backache

Naty Naty has been helping customers to choose top bedroom equipment for the past 10 years. Mrs Rosendahl’s unexpected personal experience of her own back pain led to the ­establishment of the shop. She learned that her pain could well be caused by her hard bed, after she experienced a quality bed in one of the hotels on her travels. As she recalls: “I experienced the aha moment and understood that a suitable bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. From that moment on, I became more aware of everything related to sleep.”

Through Sales to her Own Shop

Her interest in beds deepened and eventually resulted in a job at a renowned manufacturer of beds and mattresses, where she developed into one of the best saleswomen. She wanted to try her luck on her own. She talks about starting her business career with a smile. “It was a quick solution on the go. Later I used the experience of a friend who also understood beds. She explained to me about sleep and the choice of beds and mattresses. I continued to select and test the products accordingly.”

Night, Night

Anyone who knows Pavlína Rosendahl will confirm that she rules by natural authority, but on the other hand, can easily win over other people. She likes to have fun with people, surrounds herself with them and gets to know them, anywhere in the world. She lived in Israel for a year, then in Switzerland, before spending a long time in Sweden, where she did Media Studies. There she also got married and had a daughter, Evelyn. After all, the name of the shop comes from Swedish, as Pavlina explains: “When you go to sleep in Sweden, you say “Nati, nati” (Night, night). I just modified the written form of the name slightly.”

The Change is “Good Sleep”

With her experience gained in several countries, she is glad that a new trend of interest in sleep contentment is being promoted in our country as well. “Sleep is one of the five pillars of wellbeing. Fortunately, people here are already aware of this and are concerned about what they sleep on. In the choice of both bed and mattress, we can find bad substances and chemicals that can negatively affect our health.”

Everything under Supervision

Meeting Pavlina Rosendahl is truly an experience. At first sight and touch, she recognises a quality bed and mattress. Her clients’ healthy sleep is her life’s mission. She goes in person to each factory and company whose brands she represents in her shop and adds: “I want to see for myself how the beds and mattresses are manufactured and what the working premises are like. I am also interested in the employees and the conditions under which they work. I don’t want the basis of success to be the exploitation of workers.”

Advice Worth its weight in Gold

She loves contact with customers, and has become friends with most of them. She likes to talk to them and she gives them some advice: “It is very important that the bed is well ventilated and made of quality fabrics and materials. It also must not press into the sleeper or be malformed. A good bed has to support the sleeper.” In this context, she likes to draw attention to the concept of continental beds, which do not allow moisture to remain in the bed. At the same time, thanks to the box springs, they adapt well to the shape of the body.

The Reward is Healing Sleep

The 10-year success of the Naty Naty business confirms the unquenchable interest of clients. This is the greatest reward for Pavlina. “What I appreciate most is that our customers like to come back to us. And the biggest thank you for me is that, after a purchase in our store, they do not hesitate to say that they have never before slept so well. I also have one wish for hoteliers and treatment facility operators that they think more about the bed as a medical aid“.

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