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Spa Triangle "Marianky", "Frantovky" or "Vary"? Treatment, wellness or just a long weekend full of walks and excursions in the area?

Probably all of us have asked ourselves a similar question in the last few years. Considering the limited possibilities of travel in the time of COVID, we were all happy to reach for the beauties of our homeland. According to the statistical office, the Karlovy Vary region was one of the most successful in terms of selection for cautious post-COVID travellers. In the HOTELIS SPA & WELLNESS hotel group, there is much to relate about this time.

the Group's General Manager Hotelis Gabriela Havlínová 

 "Marians" = Grandhotel Nabokov

With its facilities, this is one of the most luxurious hotels in Mariánské Lázně, not only among hotels in the 4-star category. A swimming pool with water features, a salt cave, a sauna world, a children's corner and a professionally equipped Balneological Department providing treatment procedures for the widest range of indications. This is just an abbreviated list of the basic services offered by Grandhotel Nabokov. "Even though the hotel has recently been completely renovated, we are constantly trying to improve the premises to make them cosier. We plan to build a new relaxation zone in the hotel courtyard and also to invest in state-of-the-art medical devices to further expand the range of medical services provided," the Group's General Manager, Gabriela Havlínová, reveals this year's plans and adds: "Grandhotel Nabokov is popular among guests, primarily for its excellent cuisine. We often welcome international delegations and attendees of important meetings to our restaurant, who are blown away by the varied menu of dishes served. Recently, on the occasion of the start of the spa season in Mariánské Lázně, representatives of Czech and German cities and institutions honoured us with a visit. In their words, our team of experienced chefs, under the baton of Chef Radek Kotlán, prepared an unforgettable gastronomic experience for them."

Spacious bedrooms furnished in modern Italian design, friendly staff and meticulous cleanliness are other reasons why this hotel in "Marianky" is worth a visit.

Grandhotel Nabokov

 "Frantovky" = Savoy, Goethe and Otava

The seemingly incongruous complex of historical spa houses forms an ideal portfolio of traditional spas, where not only traditional spa guests coming on the recommendation of health insurance companies, but also private clients, find all their needs fulfilled. The hotel maintains its high standard of medical services provided, despite its complicated history, whereby ownership has recently changed hands several times. "I am very happy that we have managed to retain qualified medical staff. I am convinced that the quality of treatment, for which our spa complex in Františkovy Lázně has long been renowned, is our main currency in the future as well. We want to use the high qualifications and professionalism of the medical team for the potential of further development of the complex. This year we will modernise our medical equipment and supplement it with other innovations. In addition, as the focus in Františkovy Lázně is on guests’ comfort, top spa care is our clear priority," adds Gabriela Havlínová.

Hotel Savoy

 "Vary" = Park Hotel Humboldt & Spa and Villa Smetana

On one side, a busy spa centre, on the other side, the luxurious, quiet environment of Karlovy Vary's Westend. These are the basic characteristics of the two now famous spa hotels of the Hotelis group in Karlovy Vary. "I am very happy about the high popularity of Hotel Villa Smetana and the growing number of repeat guests. For us, it is a sign of a job well done. This year, in addition to the original historical buildings of the Hotel (Smetana and Vyšehrad), we've also managed to acquire the neighbouring building of the Trocnov Municipal Sanatorium. Due to the connection of these historical gems, we expect an increase in accommodation capacity, and mainly additional spaces to expand the portfolio of services provided in the field of spa treatment, relaxation & wellness, as well as services non-traditional for Karlovy Vary, connected with family holidays," the General Manager adds regarding the Villa Smetana complex. "A big advantage of this hotel is its own parking, which very few hotels in the spa zone can offer."

Parkhotel Humboldt bar

 It might seem that this completes the circle – or rather the triangle. However, the opposite is true.

"We are only a few days away from the opening of our smallest hotel so far. And as the saying goes, what is small is beautiful! This is certainly true of the Boutique Spa Hotel Saxonia," Gabriela Havlínová mentions the new addition to the HOTELIS SPA & WELLNESS family. "Cosy rooms in several design variants, great breakfasts in a luxurious restaurant with a summer terrace and a modernly equipped treatment centre fully describe the meaning of the adjective boutique."

Hotel Saxonia recepce

 All you have to do is cross your fingers and do your own research into this "Prior" of the Karlovy Vary spa region and let yourself be pampered. Whether during an extended family weekend, a longer spa stay or just while using the rest of your free time on a business trip, HOTELIS SPA & WELLNESS is fully prepared to fulfil all your possible as well as impossible wishes!


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