Grandma’s Theatre of Tastes Grandma’s Theatre of Tastes

Grandma’s Theatre of Tastes

04. 09.2021

The summer open-air theatre tradition has already been firmly established in our country. To see a performance on such a stage, one may also visit Průhonice. However, instead of dramatic characters, the stars of local and foreign cuisine await you. BABIČČINA ZAHRADA restaurant has organised a summer festival of tastes for guests.

Babiččina zahrada family restaurant is not situated in the centre of Prague, but that is its great advantage. Thanks to its location in Průhonice near the Chateau and park, the restaurant can set tables for everyone in the beautifully landscaped garden. In bad weather, there are the elegant, stylised ­interiors, as well as the rooms of the guesthouse of the same name.

However, let’s stay outdoors, because this restaurant with genuine First Republic cuisine has organised a large festival of tastes for visitors and, let’s face it, one’s appetite is doubled outdoors! Each performance of the summer delicacy scene is based on perfect sources. Meals feature ingredients from small growers and farmers, as well as suppliers who guarantee the required quality. As restaurant owner, Yuriy Kolesnik, adds: “We cook from ingredients that come from our own country, grow here or have grown here.”

This year’s Grandmother’s Summer Scene has invited visiting ensembles from sister companies, La Veranda restaurant in Eliška Krásnohorská Street and The Bistro in Londýnská Street. The culinary stage is therefore shared by a Czech ensemble of flavours, for example, with those from France and Spain. There is always something delicious on the programme for a gourmet audience fascinated by wit and sophistication.

Chef Radek David adds what guests can look forward to in addition from the selection of the three restaurants this summer: “From La Veranda, guests can taste roasted duck liver - foie gras - caramelised apple purée, raspberries with spicy glaze, and spicy Thai soup with tiger prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onions, which have been on our menu since our opening 19 years ago. The Bistro will provide the tastiest snacks, such as salmon medallion, cucumber salad, Teriyaki sauce and tiger prawns in Kadaif noodles and Japanese cream. Babiččina zahrádka offers beef tartare ground right at the table, beef sirloin, roast duck, buns with vanilla custard and curd stuffed dumplings.”

If one peeks directly into the kitchen of Grandma’s ­Garden, it is clear that every delicacy is given the maximum care. Radek David also describes this process: “For ex­ample, the most difficult thing is to combine everything, so that it is all ready to be served at 12:00. The longest preparation is overnight –  beef broth and duck baked for 12 hours, and then duck juice, which can not be missing, slowly prepared for another 3 hours. We try to prepare everything as freshly as possible, but the result is worth it. In addition, we have a Daily Menu, bake 2 different types of fresh bread every day and change the Menu every 5-6 weeks.

After an excellent performance filled with great, tasty acts, one may relax right in the Babiččina zahrada guesthouse, where various other services are also available to guests, such as therapies, massages, meditations and even exercises and dancing.

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