Bryan Adams and Kaldewei Bryan Adams and Kaldewei

Bryan Adams and Kaldewei

08. 01.2021

Legendary musician Bryan Adams, in collaboration with the renowned Kaldewei brand, created the Natural Union project, which is a celebration of close relationships, as well as a reminder of the importance of following hygienic measures. A collection of wonderfully intimate photographs was created, presenting the new enamel washbasins by Kaldewei for the year 2021.

Responsibility Unites

Musician Bryan Adams is also known as a great photographer with a sense of detail. He has now sensitively grasped a highly topical issue: we should maintain social distance, but at the same time we are inextricably connected to each other: families, friends and colleagues. Within the Natural union project, in collaboration with Kaldewei, Bryan Adams shows that there doesn’t have to be a contradiction: if we follow hygienic measures and take those closest to us into account, we will become even more connected to each other than ever before. “We are all naturally interconnected and have a responsibility to ourselves and the environment. Routine activities such as hand washing are more important today than ever before,” is how photographer Bryan Adams explains the idea behind the project. At the end of August, six people of different gender, ages and backgrounds gathered in a Berlin photo studio. Their hands gently touched under running water, creating unforgettable photographs with the theme of the necessity of touch and hand washing.

Ming and Miena

The collaboration with Kaldewei appears natural in the photographs, because the company has been making steel enamel products for more than 100 years, creating every surface as distinctive due to its natural composition. Kaldewei now introduces the new Ming and Miena washbasins. Ming is a synonym of subtle sophistication. Convex lines create a sensual silhouette, while the neutral colours of black and white remain in the background and offer a variety of design options. In contrast, Miena invigorates bathrooms with fresh, unusual colours in blue and violet hues. The restrained design, combined with the shades of “Soft Touch” mint, “Sweet Love” pink, “Deep Dream” petrol, “Navy Blue” matte and 13 other colours, transforms the bathroom into a cosy area and a pleasant refuge of calm.


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