• Pampering in the Dolomites Pampering in the Dolomites
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    Pampering in the Dolomites

    Do you long to be surrounded by the undisturbed serenity of Nature? Head to the Quelle Nature Spa Resort, boasting exceptional treatments and breathtaking panoramas. Here you can also breathe in the soothing aroma of wood in the brand new exclusive rooftop Spa constructed mainly from natural materials.

    01. 12.2023

  • Mariánky is Unique Mariánky is Unique
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    Mariánky is Unique

    Mariánské Lázně is a renowned venue for relief from many health problems. Sometimes, however, its positive influence on the psychological side of clients and on treatment programmes that provide relief from the diseases of civilisation is forgotten. Head Physician at Nové Lázně, a hotel in the Ensana Hotels group, MUDr. PhD. Markéta Hovorková, confirms that a stay in Mariánské Lázně really has many beneficial aspects.

    27. 11.2023

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    Paloma is a modern French restaurant connected to a stylish hotel and a fantastic bakery and confectionery in the centre of the village of Průhonice near Prague. At first glance, it is no surprise that the emphasis is on the high quality and freshness of the food – both Czech and French cuisine. The focus on detail and a vivid gastronomic experience is the work of Chef Alexia Falcone.

    15. 11.2023

  • Viva Italia! Viva Italia!
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    Viva Italia!

    The famous Italian metropolis of Milan has many faces. Perhaps as many as the opinions about fashion with which the city is inextricably linked. It is changeable, full of colours and shades. And refinement, too. All this is offered by the prestigious Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan, which embodies everything fine to be savoured in the northern Italian city.

    30. 10.2023

  • Pleasure Without Limits Pleasure Without Limits
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    Pleasure Without Limits

    The everyday life of a modern person is overflowing with sensory perceptions of all kinds. The world is spinning faster and faster and people are under a constant current. The new ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof spa is the ideal venue to manage this pace. The feeling of space, freedom, the organic design language of the architecture, the reduced colour world of materials and equipment allow the flow of energy and thus promote relaxation and regeneration.

    22. 09.2023

  • Ayurveda Without the Long Haul Ayurveda Without the Long Haul
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    Ayurveda Without the Long Haul

    The Ayurveda Resort Mandira in the Austrian spa town of Bad Waltersdorf is a leading Ayurvedic destination in Europe. Surrounded by gentle hills, vast vineyards and green hues, and with a Mediterranean climate, the location boasts plenty of Tuscan-style charm!

    18. 09.2023

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