Nové Lázně with the Hallmark of an Illustrious History Nové Lázně with the Hallmark of an Illustrious History

Nové Lázně with the Hallmark of an Illustrious History

05. 10.2020

Mariánské Lázně attracts guests both by its medical treatments and beautiful environment. The uplifting architecture of the late 19th century is combined with lush Nature and ornamental parks. The 5-star Nové Lázně Ensana Health Spa Hotel is also enchanting. In addition to luxury accommodation, it provides the maximum available healing care in the historically largest unique complex dedicated to spa treatment.

The extensive reconstruction of Nové Lázně in 1896 already took into account the aristocratic clientele and exacting demands to be met, both in terms of treatment and accommodation. An elongated dazzling four-turreted building was constructed, ready to accommodate famous kings and emperors, such as King Edward VII of England.After a recent challenging renovation, this magnificent building was connected to the other surrounding buildings. This created a 5-star complex, ready to satisfy even the most exacting guests. In 2005, during his stay in Mariánské Lázně, the English Prince Edward was also accommodated here. There are 225 fully furnished luxury rooms with free WiFi connection. Guests can savour the hotel’s excellent cuisine, for example, in the Royal Restaurant (Nové Lázně). However, the Goethe Restaurant in the Central Spa, the lobby bars and the Viennese Café are also at guests’ disposal.


Nevertheless, the real jewel of Nové Lázně is the largest historically original complex, intended for spa treatment, called the Royal Spa Centre. Thanks to this, even today guests can still be carried away by the unforgettable atmosphere of the Roman Baths with original interiors, where even prominent rulers of their time walked. The historical interiors include two original pools and a counter-current pool, a whirlpool, sauna (90 °C), sanarium (60 °C), steam bath (85 °C), Kneipp therapy, relaxation room, as well as the Royal Cabin of King Edward VII and the Imperial Cabin of the Austrian monarch Franz Joseph I of Habsburg.The Royal Spa Centre provides a wide range of treatments, including massages, hydrotherapy, dry CO2 gas baths, gas injections, peat wraps, inhalations and cryosauna. Top professional doctors and specialists are ready to take care of guests and are happy to advise them on choosing a suitable procedure. The historically distinctive spa hotels – Nové Lázně Ensana Health Spa Hotel, Centrální Lázně and Maria Spa – are connected by covered promenades and corridors as one spa complex. The spa and wellness treatments are thus provided over an incredible total area of ​​5 900 m2. In addition, mineral springs for the baths and drinking treatments (Ambrožův and Lesní) are situated directly in the hotel.Soon after its founding, Mariánské Lázně became a magnet for important personalities who required the maximum care and comfort. Today’s guests can experience a literally royal atmosphere in Nové Lázně, during a longer treatment stay, as well as when using shorter-term wellness packages. Each of these is diversified to ensure that strength is regenerated.


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