Mcely Barbecue in your Garden Mcely Barbecue in your Garden

Mcely Barbecue in your Garden

10. 04.2021

After a long winter, it’s time for a scrumptious barbecue. Let’s hope the last snow and cold weather are over and now we have several sunny days ahead of us, as the forecast promises. Take advantage of the first warm spring days to liven up the weekend with your family. Chef Honza Štěrba and his team have prepared superbly marinated types of meat, vegetables and other barbecue delicacies for you. Go out in the fresh air, grill, have fun, enjoy spring! You will surely shine like a professional. The team will pack up everything for you and deliver it to your home, or alternatively, you may pick up a barbecue pack directly at the Chateau and enrich your pleasant day by a stroll through the flowering spring gardens of the English park surrounded by St. George’s Forest.Dates of delivery or pick-up: Friday 16th April and Witches’ Night Friday 30th April

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