Magical Island Paradise Magical Island Paradise

Magical Island Paradise

16. 02.2021

Africa is a continent of vast contrasts. In addition to arid deserts, it also boasts enchanting landscape and white sandy beaches. Guests especially feel as if in Paradise on Zanzibar, an island with a breathtaking exotic atmosphere and stylish hotels. One of the best - Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort - is located right on the beach among the palm trees.

The luxurious quality of the hotel services is evidenced by client satisfaction as well as by success in prestigious competitions. The Hotel has been the winner four years in a row in the category of the “Best Luxury Romantic Beach Resort”. In 2020, it was even declared the “Best Romantic Resort in the World”. You, too, may experience Zanzibar exactly as it is perceived by the Czech owners of the resort, who have found their second home on the island. This island is Paradise to them, encompassing unforgettable accommodation and experiences.

Luxurious Ecology and Aid for the Needy

Due to stylish bungalows that exude space and cleanliness in the relaxed atmosphere of softly fluttering curtains, guests at Tulia will begin to perceive an extraordinary lightness of being. There is the choice of 4 types of attractive bungalows, with the classic thatched roofs, which have protected the homes of Africans from the hot sun for generations. The authentic atmosphere is complemented by the fact that only local inhabitants took part in the construction of the resort, using local natural materials such as wood and stone. The concept of ecological luxury is also reflected in the daily routine, with the owners recycling up to 70 % of their waste.

The owners also demonstrate admirable humanity and selflessness by supporting the construction of a water pump and many cultural and environmental projects in the village. This unique activity has not escaped the notice of the Zanzibar government, which has awarded the resort as the “Best Investment in Tourism” and the “Best Supporter in the Local Region”. Do you want to get involved and also help those in need? The Hotel offers an option to ride in an extraordinary historical classic car, exactly the same model as the Sultan of Zanzibar used. And all proceeds go to charity.

Jewels of Local Flavours

Luxury combined with ecology await diners in the Restaurant. The “hidden treasure of Tanzania”, as Tulia’s Chef Mgeni Mzima is called, prepares exceptional fine dining culinary experiences exclusively from local ingredients. The owners have developed a unique concept, ensuring that only top quality food of ultimate freshness is served. The Hotel has its own farm, providing the kitchen with its own spices, vegetables, fruit, as well as ducks, chickens and eggs. The Hotel has the other refined ingredients for gourmet cuisine transported by air twice weekly, with freshly caught fish provided daily by local fishermen. The Hotel also boasts its own bakery, so guests can enjoy freshly baked baguettes and bread, as well as delicious cakes every day.

 It is not surprising that the most popular accommodation variant is “All-Inclusive”, which incorporates all activities, including first-class Champagne and Cognac. Tulia is the only hotel on the whole island to proudly offer such a service!

Dream Experiences

A holiday at Tulia guarantees that guests are always taken care of with a smile by friendly hotel staff, headed by General Manager Lukáš Šinogl, as well as that stress, cares and boredom will be words whose meanings are completely forgotten. In addition, a long list of activities is offered to guests completely free of charge.

Let yourself be drifted by the waves in the pool on an inflatable lounger, or caress the soul with a calm yoga session under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Children as well as adults enjoy the water slide or a trip on a typical local Zanzibar catamaran. One can also go kayaking, cycling, riding an electric scooter or exploring the seabed with rented snorkelling equipment. There is an option of trying windsurfing or paddleboarding in the ocean, and working out with a professional fitness instructor in the Hotel’s well-equipped gym.

Trips of Discovery

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the distinctive natural environment of Zanzibar. Excursions to view the local spice and tropical fruit orchards, a Tanzanian safari, the Cuza Cave and seeing the giant turtles will bring Nature closer to you. Discover the secrets of the ocean by diving, fishing and sailing.


Tulia Zanzibar is the idyllic oasis for all those who are sailing in turbulent times and seeking a place to renew strength and inspiration in a beautiful, warm environment. A private hotel taxi transports guests from the airport, when all cares can be tossed aside. These will dissolve by magic, for example, during a daily massage.


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