Kaldewei Transforms a Bathroom into a Spa Kaldewei Transforms a Bathroom into a Spa

Kaldewei Transforms a Bathroom into a Spa

02. 10.2022

Enjoying an intense massage, gentle stroking of the skin or floating weightlessly in water in your own bathroom may no longer be an impossible dream. Kaldewei’s four new whirlpool systems now offer the perfect relaxation, also in terms of hygiene and sustainability. The Kaldewei whirlpool has its own automatic cleaning system integrated in a recyclable enamelled steel bathtub.

Undisturbed Relaxation

Thanks to various water and air systems, the Kaldewei whirlpool provides both a vigorous muscle massage after sport and a gentle body stroking with a stream of sparkling, preheated air bubbles. For even greater relaxation, the water is permeated with spectral light. In the Silent mode, the operation of the systems is reduced to the lowest level. All this in a special tub the size of a regular bathtub.

BODY & SOUL Combined Massage

The Kaldewei BODY & SOUL wellness system combines two elements – water and air. Strong streams of water relax muscles, tendons and joints, and preheated, sparkling air bubbles stimulate the skin. The swirl program, intensity and side nozzles can be set individually.

SOUL Air Massage

The preheated sparkling air stream of the SOUL wellness system not only relaxes and evokes inner peace, but even induces a feeling of weightlessness.

FULL BODY Water Massage

The strong air currents enriched with the air of the FULL BODY wellness system relieve tension in the muscles, relax the connective tissue and stimulate the body’s blood circulation. The basic BODY system then massages the muscles with side water massage jets with adjustable intensity.



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