Gourmet Cuisine at V Polích Gourmet Cuisine at V Polích

Gourmet Cuisine at V Polích

29. 10.2021

In the busy urban environment, our imagination sometimes transports us to somewhere in the tranquillity of the countryside, where we can relax. However, this does not have to be a mere fantasy. All one has to do is head towards Kladno and, a short distance after the Airport exit, take the turn-off to Malé Čičovice, where Pension V Polích welcomes its guests with open arms.

Just Like at Grandma’s

At Pension V Polích, judging by the surrounding landscape and the well-kept farm­yard, one realises instantly that this is the heart of the Czech countryside. The characteristic rural environment is emphasised by the comfortable décor, stacked logs, arches, wooden beams and classic stone walls. How wonderful it is to relax here in summer at tables laden with delicacies!

 Cosy Spot

Before entering the restaurant, guests’ tastebuds are tempted from the court­yard by the aroma of the delicacies being prepared and, in winter, also by the wonderful relaxing heat emanating from the large fireplace. Exactly where should one be seated? Every corner of the restaurant promises a slightly different viewpoint of the craftsmanship of many generations. Tables, chairs, ­chests of drawers, cabinets, and decorative objects … one does not know where to look first of all. So it is best to look at the Menu.

 Flavours Verified by Generations

Guests will be surprised by the tasty dishes, inspired by the Czech, Moravian as well as Italian and French countryside. The Menu changes daily, according to the currently available fresh ingredients. Herbs and fruit come straight from the restaurant garden. Pension V Polích is therefore a popular venue for various events, wedding receptions and training courses.


And of course, there is accommodation. Visitors should also not miss out on this opportunity. Each bedroom is different, amply furnished. Three triple and eight double rooms are reminiscent of a bygone era, when there was peace of mind and a time for everything.


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