Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 Dom Perignon Vintage 2010

Dom Perignon Vintage 2010

03. 11.2020

Do you remember what 2010 was like? It was a year of contrast, patience and courage for Dom Perignon. Once again, it was shown that humans cannot control the whims of Nature, even when they are winemasters with years of experience behind them. Nevertheless, thanks to this knowledge, they were able to face the bad weather that affected local vineyards in the summer of 2010 and thus to create a very special vintage. Bottles which contain at first glance peaceful harmony, but which, however, awaken strong emotions.For Dom Perignon, time is an integral part of the successful equation. The best things usually need lots of time. Because only time can show the true essence, the truth that lies not only at the bottom of the glass, but in every single drop. Vintage 2010 is proof of that. Its distinctiveness required almost 10 years to mature on lees in dark cellars, but now it is ready to see the light of day.When you smell a glass of this beverage for the first time, it will be clear to you that this is a Champagne full of contrasts, which together make up a calm and firm mosaic of flavours. Right at the beginning, the aromas of an English garden after rain and a tropical forest linger in the nostrils. The floral freshness and light softness reveal the vitality of the sap emanating from the depths of the earth. Amplitude, generosity and strength create a harmonious balance, with silvery reflections on the shiny surface, accompanied by a vibration of pepper.

So if you are looking for a suitable wine for 2020, Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 can be an excellent choice. Perhaps to remind us that if one has determination, courage and patience, one can turn a grip of fate into something magnificent.

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