Ayurveda Without the Long Haul Ayurveda Without the Long Haul

Ayurveda Without the Long Haul

18. 09.2023

The Ayurveda Resort Mandira in the Austrian spa town of Bad Waltersdorf is a leading Ayurvedic destination in Europe. Surrounded by gentle hills, vast vineyards and green hues, and with a Mediterranean climate, the location boasts plenty of Tuscan-style charm!

Although Ayurveda hails from the Indian subcontinent, there’s really no need for Europeans to travel all that way to benefit from this holistic healing method. The Mandira offers an alternative that is much more in tune with our western lives. Combining millennia of Indian wisdom and rituals with naturopathic medicine and diagnostics, the Mandira’s Holistic Ayurveda concept is based on the idea that the challenges posed by European diets, available foods, climate, lifestyle diseases and needs are quite different to those faced in India.

 Tailored Treatments

Ayurveda Resort Mandira is a destination for a wide range of travellers – from relaxation-seekers and people with specific medical issues to personal-growth enthusiasts and those in need of holistic health improvement and rejuvenation. Following a personal consultation with the medical team, guests receive a tailor-made programme that covers nutrition, as well as treatments picked from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and complementary medicine.

 Mind, Body and Spirit in Harmony

Detox programmes include a range of Panchakarma plans to restore the harmony of body, mind and spirit. The Mandira’s kinesiologist offers non-invasive recovery from physical and/or emotional injuries, while therapeutic exercise deals with musculoskeletal issues. With all this health and wellbeing comes a welcome focus on beauty with Ayurvedic treatments and products, as well as patented high-tech and bioactive skincare solutions. Unsurprisingly, yoga is a biggie here, with excellent teachers running classes in the top-floor studio – a vision of loveliness in glass and timber – where asanas, meditation and breathwork are taught with a kind and a mindful approach.



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