Ardbeg Unleashes a Beastie into the World Ardbeg Unleashes a Beastie into the World

Ardbeg Unleashes a Beastie into the World

09. 11.2020

Ardbeg. A name that will not leave any whiskey lover around the globe indifferent. It comes from the Icelandic island of Islay and the wild nature of the local environment is evident in every drop. As early as 1887, Ardbeg Distillery produced a million litres of its unique malt whiskey, which has since gained an unbeatable reputation worldwide, along with many prestigious awards. And this year was especially successful for this distinctive whiskey!

Ardbeg Wee Beastie

This year, the youngest addition to the Ultimate Range family was launched. This “little beast” is only five years old, but its taste does not lag behind its aged sisters. As the creators themselves say, “Wee Beastie is a wild, young creature, with a very impressive style.”The taste is dominated by black pepper, pine resin and, of course, the intense smoky aroma for which Ardbeg is so famous.To introduce this smoky novelty, an original video was even made in the Czech Republic, from which you will know at first sight that this young Beastie must be taken seriously.


Ardbeg Day

And we will remain on the Czech scene for some time. Traditionally. Ardbeg Day is celebrated here, specifically in famous The Black Stuff and Prague’s Mr Brut whiskey bar! On the occasion of the celebrations, another innovation was introduced, aptly named Ardbeg Blaaack.Mr Brut, a tasting bar and shop, has also become the second official Ardbeg Embassy in the Czech Republic.


Distiller of the Year

Did you know that, in addition to the classic Olympic Games for sport, there are also Olympic Games for whiskey? Thus is nicknamed the prestigious International Whiskey Competition, in which the Ardbeg Distillery achieved a hat trick. For the third time in a row, it won the Distillery of the Year award.The Director of the distillation and production process of the Ardbeg and Glenmorangie distilleries has himself also achieved great success. Dr. Bill Lumsden won the Master Distiller of the Year award for the fourth time in five years.


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