Young family transforms monastery ruins in the heart of Naples into stunning home Young family transforms monastery ruins in the heart of Naples into stunning home

Young family transforms monastery ruins in the heart of Naples into stunning home

17. 11.2020

Giovanni and Janine longed to live on Vomero, a hilltop in Naples boasting a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples across Vesuvius to the island of Capri. They finally acquired their new home due to the renovation of a 14th-century ruin, the sensitive reconstruction of which transformed it into a unique dwelling, enhanced by the timeless design of the fixtures as well.

Giovanni always knew that one day he would like to live with his family on Vomero Hill in Naples, where he grew up and where three generations of his family have lived. The houses here are perched on a green hill and can only be reached by funicular, some even only by steep steps. When Giovanni returned to Naples after years of living abroad, he and his wife Janine first rented a small house not far from his parents. And he patiently began to look for a suitable residence. Ultimately, the only option was to buy the ruins of a monastery in the neighbourhood and transform it into a home.

Despite difficult negotiations with preservationists, the couple managed to build a modern home, with consideratiuon of the historical uniqueness of the location. For example, in finishing the bathroom, designer Stephan Pöppelmann was inspired by the characteristic vaults of the original monastery, which he complemented with appropriate fixtures to create a harmonious yet practical space.

“Because there are vaulted ceilings in the bathroom, we wanted to continue this shape in the design of the bathtub and washbasin. We were convinced by the natural, classic and at the same time modern shapes of the solutions by Kaldewei. We therefore opted for the Centro countertop washbasin, in which the rounded shape is reflected in the inner part, and for the Meisterstück Classic Duo Oval bathtub,” explains Janine. The bathtub and washbasin are complemented by a shower tray at the level of the Scona floor in an inconspicuous pearl-grey matt colour of the same brand. The guest toilet has a space-saving Cono washbasin. “With Kaldewei’s enamelled steel bathroom solution, we have achieved a perfect match between the products and the interior architecture,” says Stephan Pöppelmann.


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