The Red Glow of Health The Red Glow of Health

The Red Glow of Health

25. 10.2020

Modern times present many opportunities. Nevertheless, their enticement and fulfilment exhaust us and are sometimes downright stressful. Warmth/lack of warmth can influence our well-being. It sounds like the magic in the fairy tale about Princess Scooter, who managed to ride dressed/undressed. However, reality is already like that. In this sense, the effect of infrared light on our health is magical.

Infrared radiation is actually electromagnetic radiation below the red end of the visible light spectrum. It relieves muscle strain and pain, increases blood circulation and improves metabolism, reduces stress, accelerates regeneration after physical exertion or sport, and has a healing effect on skin diseases. It supports the cleansing and detoxification process in the human body and also helps to strengthen the immune system and thus to increase its defence.

All this can be achieved in Physiotherm cabins, in which the proven safe distance between the radiation source and the body is very small. This ensures a relatively high absorption of infrared radiation, while maintaining a relatively low room temperature. This is also the reason why these cabins are suitable for cardiac patients. One session in a cabin is equal to the effect of light training for the heart and blood circulation.

The experience of more than a quarter of a century of research by Physiotherm in its Development Centre in Innsbruck is reflected in its own patented technology, which allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on their products. The cabins are provided in various sizes, with different interior designs. The “cabin-non-cabin” is particularly astonishing. This is an infrared Ergo Relax Lounge, that can become a pleasant addition to your living room.


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