Skalka Residence
Modern Living in the Green Oasis of Smíchov
Skalka Residence
Modern Living in the Green Oasis of Smíchov

Skalka Residence
Modern Living in the Green Oasis of Smíchov

27. 01.2023

A large garden on the border of a nature park, an impressive view of Prague, trouble-free parking and, above all, modern apartments in a top-quality design indicate that this is one of the most interesting residential projects on the market.

In a sought-after location near the Skalka Nature Park in Prague 5, an apartment complex of the same name will be built. The complex also includes the reconstruction of an 18th-century Baroque homestead. The development project by Premiot Group, a.s., is now in the earthworks phase. The residential part will include apartments with different layout solutions, from the size of 2-bedroomed units – most will have a terrace, some a front garden. The individual sections of the complex will then be connected by underground garages with a green roof and park landscaping.

The interiors in a minimalist, slightly industrial design will be complemented by large-format tiles and wooden floors. The apartments will be equipped with smart home appliances and innovations that reduce energy consumption. “We are preparing the heating and cooling of the apartment complex on the basis of renewable resource technology, based on geothermal wells, which, in combination with top-quality  thermal technical parameters of the construction and functional orientation to the cardinal directions, ensures minimal costs for apartment users, compared to similar buildings heated conventionally with gas or district heating,” says Ondrej Spodniak, founder and Chairman of the Board of the PREMIOT investment group.

The residence will be built at the borderline of Motol and Smíchov, offering easy access to the city centre and public transport. Thanks to its location and elevated position, the complex will be surrounded by greenery and tranquillity, with beautiful views from the apartments. There are also pleasant public spaces, sports fields and destinations for excursions in the vicinity of Skalka.

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