Hotel Principe di Savoia opens to tourists on 1st July Hotel Principe di Savoia opens to tourists on 1st July

Hotel Principe di Savoia opens to tourists on 1st July

15. 07.2020

Milan’s Hotel Principe di Savoia is fascinating due to the combination of 19th-century artistic elegance and the latest technologies. With carefully set precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Hotel will be reopened to guests from 1 July 2020. Once more, Milan can be enjoyed in peace and safely in one of the most beautiful hotels in the City of Fashion.

Hotel Principe di Savoia has dominated Milan’s Piazza della Repubblica since 1920. Although it is located close to the bustling business district of Porta Nuova, it provides a peaceful setting for relaxation and important meetings. Relaxing in the beautiful hotel garden at least for a while is especially intoxicating. The Hotel’s magnificent rooms, that combine the beauty of ornate architecture with modern luxury design, are just a fraction of the experiences that await you at the Principe di Savoia.

The Hotel’s Acanto Restaurant also provides an elegant aura. The Restaurant menu is created by the youthful energy of Chef Alessandro Buffolino, and has been awarded  Michelin stars. Due to his experience, skill and a number of experimental techniques, the Chef is smilingly known as “Formula One in the World of Cooking” by his admirers. A visit to the Hotel’s Club 10 Fitness & Beauty Centre, located on the top floor, also provides an amazing experience. An exclusive feeling of relaxation is created by the stunning view of the rooftops of the Northern Italian metropolis, as well as by the local interior containing precious marble and mahogany finishes, complemented with shiny polychrome elements. There is a heated swimming pool, steam room, sauna, as well as various types of massages and health treatments. The Centre’s gym boasts the most modern equipment for activating bodies in motion.

Staying at the Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan offers guests an ideal base for exploring this historical city packed with fashion and cultural experiences. For the safe course of guests’ entire stays, the Hotel has set very strict standards for maintaining the health of its patrons. All rooms and public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfectants are available everywhere. Staff wear masks and observe safe social distancing; guests will find their own packages in their rooms, containing disinfectant, masks and advice on how to protect themselves from Covid-19. Last but not least, the Hotel is in contact with a partner doctor, who will assist in the case of health problems, perform medical examinations and provide testing. Everything is ready for visits to the Hotel to take place to the ultimate satisfaction of guests.






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