Harmony in Styria Harmony in Styria

Harmony in Styria

08. 03.2022

Christina Mauracher, owner-manager of the Ayurveda Resort Mandira in Bad Waltersdorf in the thermal region of Styria, Austria, has been a fan of Ayurveda since childhood. She holds a Master of Science degree in Ayurveda Medicine and has had extensive education in the field. She also studied this healing method in its cradle – India and Sri Lanka. However, Christina has transferred this “life science” to our European conditions. She developed the concept of Holistic Ayurveda Solutions, which combines Ayurveda, alternative treatment methods and modern balneological and physiotherapeutic procedures in one unit.

As in traditional Ayurveda, the goal is the harmony of body and soul that leads to a long and healthy life. “Modern man often lacks balance, harmony of the psyche and physical condition of the body and classic medicine often underestimates this. The Ayurveda that we practise in our resort, is based on the classic teaching of life, but is adapted to the requirements and needs of the European world. There is a different climate in Europe, different eating habits, there are different diseases of civilization. That’s why we have “acclimatised” the best of classic Ayurveda to Europe’s “climate” and set out on our own holistic journey,” says Christina Mauracher.

And the Hotel!

At the entrance, guests are welcomed by the colourful world of Ayurveda with its Indian colour scheme and Mediterranean atmosphere. The central motif of “Colour is the Joy of Life” is ubiquitous in the design of the communal areas of the entire hotel. The reason is that Ayurvedic medicine assumes that colours have a positive effect and evoke various emotions. “Colours and local materials, such as wood and stone, all contribute to a balanced spirit, to make guests feel good,” explains Andreas Drexler, Christina’s partner and charming host.

Holiday Amidst Art

In the spacious lounge, Andreas Drexler has established an art gallery, where he presents his fascinating paintings, which draw observers into stories of other worlds. Andreas’ sense of beauty can be seen everywhere. On the way to the restaurant, there are paintings by Salvator Dali and Joan Miro. Chagall’s and Demien Hirst’s work will surprise guests at the Spa reception.

Anti-stress Thermal Water

The 36 °C warm thermal water in Bad Waltersdorf effectively eases the joints, increases mobility and helps to reduce stress, while eliminating exhaustion – all in combination with Holistic Solutions, which are well-thought-out medical supplements.

All who arrive here expect only one thing - to have a good rest, to find the strength to break rocks again and, most importantly, to learn how to maintain this strength.

  Pod OBR

 The healing and regenerating effect of the thermal water here is uniquely combined with Ayurvedic procedures and massages performed by Ayurvedic doctors and therapists from Kerala and Austria.    


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