Gamma will Shine in Hagibor Gamma will Shine in Hagibor

Gamma will Shine in Hagibor

01. 04.2021

The Crestyl development company has launched the sale of apartments in the third residential building of the Hagibor project. Over 130 top-quality apartments will provide future residents with all the benefits of this new district, which is lined by Vinohradská třída and, when completed, a large park.

On the border of Vinohrady and Strašnice, only three minutes from Želivského metro station, the area which has been unused for a long time has been experiencing lively construction activities for more than a year. Its transformation into a modern city district, where it will be possible to live, work and enjoy leisure time, is acquiring the first tangible outlines. These are the distinctive shapes of two residential buildings of the Hagibor development project: ALFA and BETA. They will be complemented by a third residential building, the construction of which is in preparation and will bear the GAMMA name, in accordance with the letters of the Greek alphabet.

The use of Greek letters is symbolic. The ageless ideals of beauty and intellect of the Ancient Hellenistic period acquire the modern form of the 21st century in Hagibor. The GAMMA building, like ALPHA and BETA, is very fragmented. It enriches the appearance of the locality and at the same time gives residential units the necessary privacy.

In the GAMMA building, with its unique U-shaped floor plan, those interested in a new home will find 138 apartments of the highest quality. Each of the apartments will provide a front garden, balcony or terrace, the largest of which will cover an area of up to 110 m2. The choice of interior layouts is just as extensive. On one of 11 floors, it is possible to buy either an apartment with economical dimensions - a 1kk bachelor flat, covering 32 m2 - or the largest 4-bedroomed unit in the building - 5kk covering up to 225 m2. In addition, there are the popular 2kk and 3kk (1- and 2-bedroomed) units. Cellars and parking spaces on three underground floors are included.

The quality of life in the GAMMA building in Hagibor is enhanced by the use of first-class materials and the thorough work of Crestyl’s builders and technicians. Thanks to the large windows, the interiors will be flooded with plenty of daylight. To a large extent, dense greenery is situated behind the building, covering up to 2 hectares in Hagibor. Final inspection and handover of the flats is planned for spring 2024.

However, before that time, it will be clear that the association of the proven international architectural studios of Bogle Architects and Ian Bryan Architects, together with world-renowned landscape gardener, Michael Desvigne, will create of this part of Prague a metropolitan oasis of greenery and tranquillity with a wide range of civic amenities. The Hagibor hub will be its own boulevard lined with shops and restaurants, with a square boasting a multifunctional centre. A significant plus of Hagibor is also the transport accessibility by metro, tram, city bus and car.


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