Experiences Up in the Air Experiences Up in the Air

Experiences Up in the Air

23. 11.2020

Due to its dynamic capabilities, the Bell 407 helicopter has earned a reputation for being a reliable and versatile machine, also greatly simplifying access to the picturesque Swiss mountain landscape and impressing both local residents and enthusiastic customers worldwide with its flight possibilities. Although a number of Bell aircraft fly in the Alpine country, performing various tasks, the Bell 407GXi has attracted much attention from both operators and customers.

In addition to being a suitable means of transport to mountainous terrain, the helicopter also helps to reduce personal contact, which is crucial in the current pandemic situation. In addition, it offers passengers stunning views of the surrounding countryside from the cabin.


The Perfect Machine

Daniel Borer, CEO and owner of Centaurium Aviation company, says this about the Bell 407GXi and his business: “We run five Bell 505s and one Bell 407GXP, which provide  our customers with incredible mountain experiences. We like to test these helicopters at high altitudes and in hot summer conditions.” He continues: “Their performance is truly exceptional! We are looking forward to expanding our fleet with three new Bell 407GXi helicopters. This is a great opportunity to take full advantage of this versatile and efficient platform.” In Europe, the Bell brand has traditionally been praised for excellent customer support and, as Borer adds: “Using the Bell CAP system makes maintenance management considerably easier, simplifies cost calculation and helps us better anticipate maintenance expenses.”


It Runs like Clockwork

Borer praises the machine and thinks that Bell’s support services meet the high Swiss standards. “Switzerland is known around the world to be the centre of high-end luxury, high-quality watch manufacture. Swiss customers who buy the helicopters expect the same quality standards from their aircraft. The Bell 407GXi exceeds these standards,” says Borer.Being part of Bell’s global fleet means a new flying experience, as well as unrivalled customer support. New possibilities open up for Bell customers with the Bell 407GXi. Bell’s European team is constantly expanding and continuing to discover and present new ways for providing companies and individuals with exceptional solutions in the field of vertical take-off.


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