Bentley and Lamborghini Bentley and Lamborghini

Bentley and Lamborghini

12. 10.2020

World-famous car manufacturers have been filling men’s hearts with passion for decades. They retain their elegance and vigour, while not forgetting modern technologies. These top-class cars have also found a home in the Czech Republic, in the unique Bentley Praha and Lamborghini Praha dealership in Prague 5. This only official showroom for both world-famous brands in our country is a long-term partner of Travel Fever magazine and our Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Golf Cup tournament. The 6th event of this tournament was held on 10th September.


Golf and luxury cars are a combination that go together naturally. After all, both the modern look of the green sports car and the Bentley brand were born in the United Kingdom. Although it is true that the luxury cars are a few centuries younger, they have still been here for over 100 years.

Bentley Motors Limited was founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, an ingenious aircraft engine designer. After World War I, he focused on manufacturing fast, powerful cars that reaped one racing success after another. During the economic crisis of the 1930s, the company was bought by the Rolls Royce brand, when distinctive cars began to turn into luxury accessories for enthusiastic motorists. The group of wealthy owners of these top-notch cars even became known as the Bentley Boys.

At present, the brand maintains its reputation of exceptional cars. These can also be seen in the only official Bentley Motors Limited dealership in the Czech Republic, in the BENTLEY PRAHA car showroom at 31/18 Vrchlického Street  in Prague 5. At this address, cars of the LAMBORGHINI brand are also on display. Although the Italian sporting legend is more than 40 years younger than Bentley, the hallmark of exceptionality has long shone in its emblem.

The history of these powerful super sportscars dates back to yet another original story of the carmaker’s founder, in this case Ferruccio Lamborghini. He loved fast driving, so he bought a Ferrari. Surprisingly, however, he was not unconditionally satisfied with it. He pointed out in particular the inferior quality of the clutch pedal, but Enzo Ferrari refused to enter into a dialogue with him. Being an experienced tractor manufacturer, the problem kept him awake, so he tried to produce his own sportscar with a better clutch and a powerful engine.  He finally succeeded in dazzling the fierce competition.

Those who decide to fulfil their dream of an exceptional car will also celebrate success. The importer of Bentley and Lamborghini cars to the Czech Republic, Porsche Inter Auto CZ spol. s r.o., is not only the guarantee of a safe purchase, but also offers a number of other services. One of them is the Certified by Bentley programme, through which it is possible to buy a tried and tested Bentley which meets the strict standards of this programme. This offer provides many advantages, including, for example, the possibility of receiving a warranty for the car. Lamborghini offers a similar opportunity within its Selezione Lamborghini programme. Another advantage of Bentley Praha and Lamborghini Praha is the possibility of consulting various options for financing your car and the subsequent arrangement of financing. The journey to a dream car is much more feasible than it might seem at first glance.

Jiří Halousek,, +420 724 110 657

Milan Maxa,, +420 602 731 822


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