03. 03.2021

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has introduced a new global initiative. It is intended to assist corporate clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep in mind the importance of balance, especially during their business trips.

The “Wellness on the Road” initiative has been exclusively designed for hotel partners from corporate companies. The programme offers access to various wellness activities, techniques for spending the present times, applications and experiences that provide an advantage both when travelling and when working from home.

 Benefits of the Wellness on the Road programme include:

Instructional videos promoting a feeling of well-being, exercise, relaxation, including recommendations for healthy diet and interesting books

Free lifestyle consultations, in person or online

A basic range of oils with practical tips for those who are accommodated in the hotel

10 % discount on spa treatments

Tips on how to use acupressure points on the body, in printed or electronic form

60-day trial access to the premium Blinkist application (where you can read or listen to key insights from non-fiction in 15 minutes)

60-day trial access to the Grokker wellness and fitness application

 “Wellness on the Road is a natural evolution of our commitment to the Mandarin Oriental Health and Safety Programme. The hotel’s “We Care” programme provides our guests with reassurance of the importance and priorities of protecting their health and safety. We are now further expanding this programme with benefits for corporate clients who travel, stay in our hotels or work from home,” specifies Jill Kluge, Chief Marketing Officer of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.



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