The Face of Thor at Expo 2020 Dubai The Face of Thor at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Face of Thor at Expo 2020 Dubai

14. 09.2021

In less than a month, the international Expo 2020 will open in Dubai, an event for which we had to wait one year due to the coronavirus epidemic. But as Emirates’ new global campaign suggests, this event of the year will more than make up for it.

Actor Chris Hemsworth will be the main face of the campaign. He is a well-known representative of Thor, the God of Thunder, in films about superheroes with extra-terrestrial abilities. Among others, the actor values the fact that Expo 2020 will present practical solutions for living to benefit future generations in particular. In Dubai, visitors can look forward to topics such as mobility, sustainability and other opportunities to improve life on the planet. There will also be 191 pavilions of individual countries celebrating music, art and other cultural aspects, with extensive entertainment programmes, including culinary experiences.

The visual promotion of Expo 2020 Dubai was filmed in the pre-pandemic period, when the whole event was only in preparation. Reality is thus complemented visually by many computer animations and tricks. In it, Chris Hemsworth takes viewers from the iconic Dubai beaches directly to the venue of Expo 2020. There, the main themes of the exhibition, the appearance of the pavilions and its futuristic visions are introduced. Thus you can visit a future in which the jungles and forests have been restored, and a mission to the planet Mars has been accomplished.

The soundtrack for the “Pure Imagination” campaign is provided by an orchestra of 70 musicians, complemented by a children’s choir. Children of different cultures and from different countries play an important role in the whole advertisement. Indeed, it is children who will become the future leaders of our planet.


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