Krug Embassy in The Eatery Restaurant Krug Embassy in The Eatery Restaurant

Krug Embassy in The Eatery Restaurant

30. 12.2020

Krug has always lived up to its reputation as the first and still unique House of Champagne, producing only prestigious Champagnes every year since its foundation. This Champagne House was founded in Reims in 1843 by Joseph Krug, a non-conformist visionary with an uncompromising philosophy. He understood that the real essence of Champagne is pleasure and his dream was to offer the best Champagne year after year, regardless of the interannual weather fluctuations. It is now already the sixth generation of the Krug family which nurtures this dream, enhancing the founder’s vision and savoir-faire.

The Krug Ambassades concept represents a network of restaurants and business partners whose common goal is to provide their clients with refined quality, excellent products and services. The original idea was created in France in the 1990s by Rémi Krug. Later, the programme spread to Italy, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

The Eatery Restaurant is another venue where Krug Champagne is living. Authenticity, an emphasis on quality and a love of craftsmanship are the building blocks for The Eatery Restaurant, in symbiosis with the Krug House of Champagne. For this reason, The Eatery Restaurant is a proud holder of the Krug Embassy label. This represents the commitment to a constant striving for excellence and pleasure, as is the case with every glass of Krug Champagne. Pavel Býček is the Chef who transfers all this to guests’ plates.

Cooking from seasonal ingredients, their origin and, above all their quality, are essential for The Eatery Restaurant. The aim is to highlight the true authenticity of tastes by modern as well as traditional, time-tested methods, with love as the main ingredient. This is why the kitchen is not hidden behind a wall, but is placed right in the heart of the bistro. Thus guests are seated directly in view of the chefs, can watch them at work or chat to them in their immediate proximity.

The goal of the Krug Ambassade project is to convey the authentic values ​​of this renowned brand, as well as its unmistakable identity and style. Of course, there is a very high standard of services, quality and attention paid to clients, as well as to every little detail. The result is an unforgettable atmosphere filled with enjoyable experiences. The basic pillar of the Embassies is a combination of “haute gastronomy” with Krug Champagne, which is ideal for combining with various courses, due to its unmistakable style and opulence.


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