Feminine Beauty Embodied in a Trophy Feminine Beauty Embodied in a Trophy

Feminine Beauty Embodied in a Trophy

28. 02.2021

At the beginning of March, the Low Tatras will be rejuvenated by the Women’s World Cup in Downhill Skiing. The competition in Jasná, Slovakia’s largest winter resort, will be crowned by the awarding of magnificent prizes from the workshop of Gordana Glass. Her awards will also adorn our Travel Fever magazine’s golfing tournament this year.

In March, the impressive panorama of the Low Tatras mountain peaks will be enhanced by slalom and giant slalom tracks, as well as by feminine beauty and skill. To date, it appears that the top favourite in the contest will be Slovakian skier, Petra Vlhová. In all probability, she could take home from Jasná one of the stunning Gordana Glass trophies.

All three awards have the appearance of a flower preserved in a pure ice floe, which gently follows their shape. The flowers in each trophy are composed of petals decorated with gold, platinum and rose gold. The Gold trophy is 42 centimetres high and weighs 2 kilograms. It differs from the other two trophies for the Silver and Bronze winners, not only in that it is taller, as well as in its shiny raised tip at the top.

Movement can be sensed in these trophies by Gordana Glass. They radiate both the softness of the flowers and the great strength hidden within each female competitor. Jana Tužinská, Marketing Manager of the competition in Jasná, sees many symbols in the trophies. At the top, a woman’s head and a flower, in the middle part, which resembles a ski stance, she sees stylised ribbons called “parta” in Slovakian, which are the floral headbands forming part of Slovakian women’s folk costumes.

World-famous glass artist and designer, Gordana Glass, is famous for the imaginativeness which she incorporates into her artistic artefacts as well as into many awards. Each of her works is always a celebration of beauty and originality. This is evidenced in the awards which the most successful participants of our Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Golf Cup regularly receive from Gordana’s workshop. This year will be the 7th annual event of the Golf Cup.


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