05. 02.2021

In a time full of change, we are most aware of the love for our homeland as we return to our country. The Czech and Slovak flags are connected by red, white and blue. In her new Liberta collection, fashion designer Jitka Klett also expresses the connection of the two now independent, separate countries, traversing the same thorny path of the pandemic period, which we, for the first time in our history, began to experience in 2020. The colours that symbolise these two national flags, as well as the history of Czechoslovakia will always be exceptional to us. So when else to unite and enjoy the beauty of our country than in this difficult time? That is why we should wear clothes in the colours of our flag proudly and with love, just like Karolína Bosáková, model and Director of the Happy Hearts Endowment Fund, who is the face of the campaign.

Haštalská 9, Prague, Czech Republic

Mlýnská 22, Košice, Slovakia

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