Karlovy Vary has its own audio guide to refute its conservative image Karlovy Vary has its own audio guide to refute its conservative image

Karlovy Vary has its own audio guide to refute its conservative image

06. 06.2022

Karlovy Vary now offers the Smart Guide – an audio guide with themed routes to take you around the town. To date, Karlovy Vary has been presented mainly through its conservative spa history, so the effort to break out of this box was the main motivation. How does the audio guide work and what does it offer visitors and locals?

Vary has its own Metro!

 With the Smart Guide application, visitors can go out of the town's spa centre for the first time. With the aid of this world-class audio guide, the beauties of lesser-known sites and monuments can be discovered. Under the symbolic name VARY°Metro, this is a unique project which includes four specially designed routes through the town, similar to the lines of the Prague Metro, created on the basis of a specific theme connecting the locations. The routes are: MONUMENT, SOURCES, TRIP and EXPERIENCE. Each route is shown intuitively, based on the user’s present location, but does not have to be strictly followed. Are you going to Karlovy Vary for a day and are more interested in Nature? Choose the TRIP route and let it guide you throughout the day. Are you coming to the town on a business trip and only staying for one night? All you have to do is turn on the app on your way from the hotel to a restaurant and it will show you the places of interest in your vicinity which are worth mentioning.

 Spa Walks

These routes serve visitors for better orientation during health walks. Their difficulty is symbolised by traffic light colours. The route is divided according to the difficulty of the terrain and also the length of the route.

 New UNESCO Route

This was created in response to the inclusion of 11 European spa towns on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Karlovy Vary is one of the towns with a lot to show. This route takes users to the major, most popular and also the most famous sites and monuments.

 A Good Walking Companion

 The aim of the app is not to keep the user on one route from start to finish, but rather to show  him or her as much as possible and to provide easy information and attractions in a user-friendly way. It is up to the individual to choose the theme and stops. When in Karlovy Vary, the app is there with you to inform you instantly. It will not leave you idle, but will also allow you to put it in your pocket and enjoy the surroundings. At each stop, the audio description recorded in four languages by native speakers, i.e. Czech, German, Russian and English, can be read or listened to. A practical feature is that the app can also be downloaded in the off-line version, which, based on GPS, will easily navigate the user through the town without mobile data.

 Anywhere and Anytime

 The Smart Guide app – the official guide to the town of Karlovy Vary – is a pleasant and user-friendly tool, thanks to which an ordinary excursion becomes a congenial, informative walk and the first visit to the town is transformed into an experiential affair.

The application does not compel the user to follow any route, merely providing information about the stops with pop-up notifications. The route can then be optionally followed. The app contains all the routes through Karlovy Vary, as well as a list of iconic places of interest.

So come and try it …



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